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Karas Plating recognise the need for shorter lead times
The Karas philosophy has always been to supply the customer with what he says he wants rather than what others might think he wants. Essentially all customers are happy when they feel that they are in control and for our part that means we need to be quick, right first time, responsive and able to deal with complexity.
Organised by The Manchester Chamber of Commerce this is the premier award in the Wigan borough business year.
We have designed a brand new purpose built line (LINE 7) specifically intended to provide much faster production with minimal downtime.
The introduction of our state of the art anodising line has proved to be a winner. We can now offer much faster turn round than our competitors. The new anodising line already produces matt and satin finishes with colours also available.
We are strengthening further our maintenance team by the addition of one more technician who commences on Monday 4th March.
This will enable us to silver plate much longer lengths such as bus bars as used in the power industry and it will bring the number of silver plating stations up to four.
We have designed this state of the art production line specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers in the ever expanding market of RF filter systems (combiner and filter bodies etc). The key features of this line are fast turn round and zero rejects.