Your step-by-step guide to the Karas Plating ordering process

Here at Karas Plating we provide an extensive range of electroplating, surface coating and metal finishing services both here in the North West and across the UK. We provide essential plating solutions for dozens of industries including automobile, aerospace, electronics, construction, telecommunications, computers and many more.

Your initial Enquiry

Your initial enquiry

It all starts with an online enquiry or a telephone call. You will speak to an experienced member of staff who will walk you through your various options, tailoring your plating process to meet your specific requirements. At this stage we will also discuss timescales and delivery options, before giving you a free quote that covers the entire process from end to end. Once you’re happy, we can move onto the next stage.

Sample Batches

Sample batches

We are confident that our plating technique will meet with your specifications. To ensure this, we run a sample batch of components through the agreed process, allowing you the opportunity to inspect them for quality.

Karas Plating HQ

Quality audit

Once you’re satisfied with our plating technique, you are invited to the plant for a quality audit. Here we prove our compliance with all quality and safety regulations that pertain to metal plating and finishing. You will be able to inspect our plant and employee certification and anything else that will put your mind at ease.

Your components

Your components

Part of the consultation process will be to decide on how to get your components to our plant in Leigh. We run daily deliveries and collections as far afield as Bradford and Birmingham. Assuming we have the space to accommodate you, we are happy to include you in our schedule. We can also utilise both next-day courier services and palletised couriers to handle components from further afield or even overseas. The alternative is to have your own team deliver the components to us, where they will be signed for and inventoried upon arrival.

Benefits of the zinc plating process

The plating process

The next step is the plating process itself. There is information elsewhere on the site regarding the technical aspects of our plating techniques. The specifics of your process will also have been covered during your initial consultation.

Your completed order

Your completed order

Once the plating process is complete, you will be the first to know. Depending on your arrangement, you can then arrange for one of your drivers to come and collect from our Leigh plant. Alternatively, we will load your components carefully onto one of our delivery trucks and have it at your door as soon as possible. As with our collection service, we can also arrange a palletised courier or next-day courier service to deliver components further afield or overseas.

how does zinc plating work

Repeat orders

At Karas Plating we do a lot of work for repeat customers. If your specifications are going to remain the same, we draw up job cards for our plating team. These cards detail the precise formulae and timings for any given process and are followed to the letter on repeat orders. This ensures that every time you instruct us for your plating needs, the results will meet the same high standards.

Get in touch

For more information about our ordering process, or to get your own free, no-obligation quote, give Karas Plating a call today on 0333 121 0151.