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One of many plating methods relying on immersion, manganese phosphate coating is both versatile and effective. At Karas Plating we have been delivering exceptional coating solutions to a wide range of industries all over the UK for almost three quarters of a century.

What is manganese phosphate coating?

A coating of manganese phosphate is often applied to ferrous metals like iron and steel to give them extra strength and toughness. It’s frequently used as a pre-treatment, prior to painting or impregnating. As a form of coating by immersion, the process involves dipping the parts into a solution until the desired thickness of coating is achieved.

How does manganese phosphate coating work?

Applying a coat of manganese phosphate involves more than just dipping and drying. The are several important stages of preparatory work involved before we can get to work on the metal itself.

These include cleaning and degreasing the part in question before pickling it in a mineral acid. There follows the immersion into the solution and then a further immersion in special oils to ensure the part’s continued lubrication.

These stages are interspersed with water rinses, so that the metal surface is always in perfect condition for the next part of the process.

Benefits of the manganese phosphate process


Manganese phosphate coated parts are particularly useful in the automotive industry, as they are frequently to be found inside engines, gears, and power transmission systems.

Likewise, any industry that relies upon anti-corrosive properties will often make use of this coating for critical parts like nuts, bolts, washers, brakes, and magnet cores, amongst others.

Benefits of the manganese phosphate coating process

Manganese phosphate coating offers many advantages to our customers, the key one being its resistance to friction.

This, combined with its durability, is why so many industries choose this particular plating method for applications that involve moving parts.

Manganese phosphate coating

a quality process

All of our coating processes are approved to meet all ISO 9001 standards for Quality and ISO 14001 standards for Environmental. Whenever you place an order through us, you are assured of quality.

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