Our environmental permit

Here at Karas Plating we have a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our extensive range of electroplating, surface coating and metal finishing services. We have worked hard to reduce the emissions and effluents produced by these processes for the benefit of both our clients and the environment.

In 2019, all of that hard work paid off as we were granted an environmental permit by the Environment Agency. Details of our permit can be found at the Environment Agency public register, along with instructions on how to obtain a copy of our registration documents.

What restrictions does an Environmental Permit list?

An Environmental Permit lists certain restrictions to our various plating and finishing processes that we must abide by in order to minimise our impact on the environment and human health. The permit shows our dedication to this planet, and our commitment to improving our processes so that they become more environmentally-friendly over time.

All companies, no matter what sector they work in, have a legal and moral duty to reduce their impact on the environment, not only with their own manufacturing processes, but with other companies that they are partnered with.

We at Karas Plating – like all companies that qualify for an Environmental Permit – have dedicated ourselves to improving the work that we do, whilst simultaneously maintaining the quality of our products and reducing their effect on the world around us.

It takes hard work and commitment to obtain an Environmental Permit, not to mention time to achieve the standard expected by the Environment Agency. Indeed, Karas Plating is the only plating company within a 10km radius to have successfully obtained one at the time of writing.

If you’re committed to reducing your environmental impact, be sure to utilise a company equally dedicated to the cause, and with the paperwork to prove it.

We are open about our permits, accreditations, and other certifications, which include the following:

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