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Zinc plating is a popular coating solution utilised in many industries across the country for its high corrosion tolerance. The team here at Karas Plating have been using the technique for decades and have built up a reputation for excellence amongst our customers. Much of this praise is thanks to the diligence and professionalism of our work force, who strive to fulfil every order in as timely a manner as possible.

What is zinc plating?

As the name suggests, zinc plating is a process whereby a thin deposit of zinc is applied to a base metal. A popular finish in many industries where corrosion is an issue, the coating forms a sacrificial layer on the metal that corrodes first, meaning that the original metal can be protected and the zinc layer replaced and repaired when needed.

How does zinc plating work?

Bright zinc plating is a multi-step process that involves much cleaning of the base metal with acids and water washes, before the components can be immersed into the zinc solution.

This leaves a thin layer of zinc on the metal, resulting in a bright finish. At this stage, the plated metal can be passivated in a chromate solution to add colour and further protection, as well as a further top coat seal for increased resilience.

We are also able to use a heat treatment process known as de-embrittlement, which prevents high-tensile steel from developing hydrogen embrittlement.

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applications of the zinc plating process

Applications of the zinc plating process

Zinc plating is typically applied to ferrous metals – iron and steel. It is quite a versatile technique that can be applied to small and large batches alike.

Being regularly utilised for plating components like fasteners, pressings, turned parts, springs, the process has applications across numerous industries.

Its corrosion resistance makes it attractive to sectors that require long-lasting, rust-free components, hence its popularity in all manner of off-shore engineering concerns.

Benefits of the zinc plating process

Zinc plating has much to recommend it to many industry sectors. Chief amongst its qualities is its superb resistance to corrosion. Acting as a sacrificial coating, the layer of zinc will succumb to rust long before the base metal hidden beneath it.

In the event of rust setting in, this gives our customer plenty of time to notice and to get the component re-plated, before the corrosion makes it through the zinc.

From an aesthetic point of view, zinc-plated metal appears bright and shining, though we are able to incorporate clear, yellow, or black passivation into the finished product, if you prefer. There is also an environmental benefit to the process.

As a plating company dedicated to minimising our ecological impact, we have found that zinc plating proves considerably more friendly to the environment than the similar cadmium plating technique. All our passivates used are hex free

Benefits of the zinc plating process

a quality process

All of our metal finishing techniques are fully approved to ISO 9001 standards for Quality and ISO 14001 standards for Environmental. Whether your order is large or small, you may rely upon us to provide you with the very best.

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