High-quality iriditing – Iridite NCP processes provided across the UK

The team at Karas Plating has been providing our customers across the UK with the very best in iridite NCP solutions since its introduction. Over the years we have built up a well-earned reputation for excellence in the field, largely thanks to professionalism and dedication of our employees. With hundreds of applications across multiple industries, iriditing is a versatile and effective technique.

What is iridite NCP?

Much like anodising, iridite NCP is a non-electrolytic passivation technique that we apply only to aluminium. The process causes a chemical reaction in the base metal that results in a protective film forming across it. This non-chromium passivate is a great surface for applying paint primers and glue, and can also withstand immense temperatures, making it incredibly useful across a number of industries. Iridite NCP has replaced our alocrom process.

How does iriditing work?

Iridite NCP is a passivation process, created by immersing the target metal into an acidic solution. The solution can be adjusted for both heat and acidity and doing so will impart different properties to the aluminium.

This solution causes a chemical reaction to take place on the surface of the metal, creating a thin coating across the component part. Whilst an effective and environmentally responsible method of surface coating, this process requires more prep time than some similar techniques. Surface impurities must be removed from the components prior to application. Unlike some iridite companies, Karas Plating perform all of these processes in house.

applications of iridite ncp

Applications of the iridite NCP process

As a non-chromate passivate, iridite NCP makes an excellent replacement for chromate conversion coatings. Being able to withstand extremes of temperature it can be put to great use in a number of industries.

Both the aeronautic and automobile industries make use of parts treated using the iridite NCP process, because of the high temperatures their internal metal parts are often subjected to. Being a fine conductor for electricity, aluminium treated with iridite NCP is much in demand in the electronics industry.

Likewise, the construction industry makes good use of this process as it is not only resistant to corrosion, but also acts as an excellent base for paints or primers.

Benefits of the iridite NCP process

Iridite NCP boasts many useful properties. Perhaps most significant is its ability to withstand high temperatures compared to other treatments

 It also has a good rate of electrical conductivity, passing the requirement of MIL-C-5541 for electrical contact resistance in Class 3 coatings. With great adhesion qualities, it forms an effective base for paints, primers, adhesives and sealants.

One of the processes greatest strengths is its resistance to corrosion. On many aluminium alloys, iridite NCP has been tested to 1000 hours for its anti-corrosion properties. For green companies, the process is environmentally friendly, being free of all cadmium, chromates, and lead.

a quality process

All surface coating processes performed by Karas Plating are fully approved to ISO 9001 standards for Quality and ISO 14001 standards for Environmental. This means you are assured of the finest quality with every iridite NCP order.

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