The Anord Mardix Big Cycle 2022

Recently, Ian and Nathan – two members of the Karas Plating family – took part in a local charity cycling event to raise money for the North West Air Ambulance service. Known as the Anord Mardix Big Cycle 2022, it was a fantastic experience for both of them. Thanks to the support of friends, family, and Karas staff, they were able to raise £320 for the well-deserving charity.

Who Is Anord Mardix?

Anord Mardix is a global engineering firm with bases in the USA, the Republic of Ireland, and right here in the UK. Their UK premises can be found in Kendal, Cumbria – home of the world-famous mint cake! They provide engineering solutions for a wide range of industries throughout the world and are renowned for the quality of their work.

What is the Big Cycle 2022 event?

The Big Cycle 2022 took place last month, on Thursday 7th July at Silverholme Manor on the beautiful Graythwaite Estate in Windermere. Cyclists from across the UK met up to take part in either a 40-mile or a 70-mile route, planned out by Zeus Cycling on behalf of our hosts. It was an incredible route, offering incredible views of the stunning Cumbrian landscape. As well as being beautiful to look at, seeing the precipitous terrain around the route was a welcome reminder of just how important the North West Air Ambulance service is.

What happens next?

The event raised over £10,000 for the North West Air Ambulance service, which is an incredible sum. Talks are already underway regarding next years event. These big races need to be planned well in advance if they are to be successful and the team at Anord Mardix is determined that next year’s event should be even better than 2022.

For our part, we’re sure Ian and Nathan are raring to go, ready to don their helmets and cycling shorts once again for charity. Who knows – they might even convince some of their colleagues to join them in 2023’s event.

For more information about the event and news about the Big Cycle 2023, visit the Anord Mardix website.