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What is tin plating?

Tin plating is a process of coating metals with a thin layer of tin. This coating protects against corrosion, erosion, and oxidation, which helps to extend the lifetime of components. We apply tin to a wide range of substrates, from copper to stainless steel. This process is valuable to several industries, such as electronics, medical, and food processing.

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Tin plating techniques

Bright tin plating is a method of electroplating that deposits a thin layer of tin across the target metal components. It differs somewhat from dull tin plating, in that the particles of tin that are deposited are smaller than those in the dull tin plating process. These small particles of tin and the addition of organic brighteners are what gives the process its distinctive bright finish.

Much like its sister application – bright tin plating – dull tin plating is an electroplating method and leaves a thin layer of tin on the target metal components. The only two differences between it and bright tin plating, is that the grains of tin deposited in this process are somewhat larger (at least, under a microscope). Unlike bright tin plating, no brighteners are added to the dull tin plating process, resulting in a flat matte finish on the target metal components.

Comparing Bright Tin Plating & Dull Tin Plating

Discover in detail the differences between bright tin plating and dull tin plating by clicking the link below. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about these two processes.

Benefits of tin plating

No matter the industry, different types of tin plating offer unique advantages to meet varying preferences and requirements. Our customers experience:

Resistance against corrosion

Exceptional conductivity

Cost savings vs other plating processes

Choice of finish (Bright or dull)

Versatile in a wide range of industries

Aesthetic appeal

You can learn more about the benefits of tin plating by consulting our beginner’s guide to tin plating.

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