With more than seventy years in the electroplating and metal finishing industry, the team at Karas Plating has seen it all. We provide an extensive range of services for clients from every industry sector. With a reputation for excellence with companies across the UK, new clients regularly approach us with fresh commissions. While we are happy to answer all your questions regarding our plating processes, certain requests pop up with surprising regularity. To save time for our customers, we have provided answers to those most-frequently asked questions right here.

Do you do chromium plating?

Unfortunately we do not offer chromium plating as we are a Hexavalent free site.

Can you re gold plate my bathroom taps?

Unfortunately not as our gold is a pure gold for industrial contacts and is too soft for bathroom equipment.

Can you re silver plate my tea pot and cutlery?

Unfortunately the silver process we use is for industrial contacts and therefore unsuitable for this type of item.

Can you re zinc plate my old car and motorcycle parts?

Our zinc plating line isn’t suitable for this kind of work.

Can you stop my garden gate from rusting?

Galvanising is by far the best method for this type of work, unfortunately we do not do this.

Can you Anodise my mountain bike parts?

Our tanks are huge and doing small one offs is impossible for us to do.

Can you do something to make my kitchen cupboard handles look nicer?

Unfortunately We are not set up for this kind of work.

Can you plate my babies first pair of shoes?

Unfortunately we no longer do this service.

Can you powder coat my car wheels?

Unfortunately we no longer offer powder coating as a service.

Please note that we provide large-scale industrial plating solutions for commercial clients. As a result, we are not able to offer decorative plating services.

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