For over 70 years, Karas Plating has developed into one of the UK’s most respected metal finishing companies.

Silver Plating


As one of the most electrically conductive metals on the market, silver is a natural choice for the electronics and connector market. Our silver plating process can produce a vast range of thickness from a flash upto 8mm thick.



There are many ways to plate a base metal with gold and, here at Karas Plating, we are well-versed in all of them, producing exceptional results every time. Gold-plated components are of immense use within the electronics industry. This is largely due to the plating’s heat and corrosion resistance, as well as its high levels of conductivity. A versatile plating technique, it remains one of our most popular processes.

Nickel Plating


Electroless nickel plating uses a variety of reducing agents to provide its useful and familiar metal coating. Chemical reactions in the plating solution deposit a thin layer of nickel across your base metal by reducing the number of nickel ions.

dull tin plating


Applied in the same way as its counterpart – bright tin plating – this process is much in favour with the electronics industry. A slight difference in technique results in a more reliable metal for key electronic components, reducing the likelihood of accidental shorting.

Copper Plating


One of our most popular processes, copper plating is a complex, but highly-prized technique. It produces a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish that is easy to polish or work after plating.

Tin Plating


Bright tin plating is a common and effective finish that can be applied to most base metals. With its resistance to corrosion and high levels of conductivity, the process has many applications for several industries.



This non-chromate passivate process involves a chemical reaction to create a hard-wearing and durable surface coating to various aluminium alloys. This coating is highly protective, offering great corrosion resistance to the base metal, as well as heat-resistant properties


Manganese phosphate coating is a process that is used on steel and iron products alone. By submerging the base components into a diluted phosphoric acid solution, we produce a hard-wearing and resilient coating with a unique crystalline structure. Its natural resistance to friction gives it many applications.

Rack & Barrel plating


We provide both rack and barrel plating techniques to create smooth and even finish to your various components. We use rack plating for larger components, slotting them into a static metal rack to keep them steady during the plating process. Barrel plating is better used for smaller components, as it can hold dozens, if not hundreds during each application.

Busbar Plating

Busbars are an essential component used in all manner of applications from electric vehicles to power generation and distribution. They require high-quality plating processes to improve conductivity, as well as protect against wear, heat, and corrosion. We provide a variety of plating solutions for copper, aluminium, and copper-clad aluminium (CCA) busbars.

Zinc Nickel Plating


Of the hardiest processes on offer, zin-nickel plating is resistant to both corrosion and high temperatures. Components coated using this process are highly valued in both the automotive and aerospace industries, among others.

Zinc & Colour passivates


Zinc plating is a popular alternative to cadmium, and one that is noticeably better for the environment. Offering great corrosion resistance, this method results in a bright, aesthetically pleasing finish.

what can karas plating do for you?

What Karas Plating can do for you

Here at Karas, we deliver an extensive range of finishing processes to our clients all over the country. Whatever your specific requirements might be, we have the tools, the materials and, above all, the expertise to meet them in full.

Based in the historic town of Leigh in Greater Manchester, we provide electroplating, surface coating, and metal finishing processes to clients across the UK. With more than seventy years in the industry, we have a reputation for excellence that is well-earned. We employ a “four cornerstones” work ethic that ensures the highest standards of quality and service.

Why choose Karas Plating for your electroplating, surface coating, and metal finishing needs?

Over the last 70+ years, we have established ourselves as a name to be relied upon in the plating industry. Our “four cornerstones” philosophy ensures that our clients are at the forefront of everything we do as a business.

Get it right first time

At Karas Plating, all of our staff are highly trained metal finishing professionals. Our processes and our team are fully accredited and approved in all key metal finishing areas. These include:

Environment Permit: FP3636YZ
ISO 9001 (Quality)
ISO 14001 (Environmental)
ISO 45001 (Health & Safety)


Additionally, our processes incorporate instant X-ray testing of all plated deposits and solution analysis to ensure the quality of every job meets your exacting standards.

Get the job done quickly

Whatever size of order you put through to us at Karas Plating, we can ensure a fast and efficient turnaround. We operate with a minimum downtime, utilising a quarter of our workforce on maintenance and process control alone. In addition, we operate with a 24-hour shift capacity, our team of dedicated operatives working in shifts round the clock, ensuring even the largest orders are completed on time.

Rapid response to enquiries

At Karas, we always have at least three senior members of staff available to discuss your requirements with you, from production times to pricing. With a decision maker always at hand when you call, there is no hanging around waiting for a quote or confirmation.

Deliver complex and difficult jobs

At Karas, we continually develop our specialist processes to meet any difficult requirements and ensure peak performance for our existing ones. We have a highly experienced team to provide effective solutions to even the most complex plating problems.

Get in touch

For more information on any of our metal finishing, electroplating, and surface coating processes, contact Karas today on our freephone number: 0333 121 0151