Our Philosophy

The success of Karas Plating is due, in no small measure, to the experience and quality of its staff. The equally critical ingredient has been the ability to listen to the four main demands of the customer, and subsequently, structuring the entire company to deliver these four demands as standard, every time.

Why choose Karas Plating for your electroplating, surface coating, and metal finishing needs?

Over the last 70+ years, we have established ourselves as a name to be relied upon in the plating industry. Our “four cornerstones” philosophy ensures that our clients are at the forefront of everything we do as a business.

Get it right first time

At Karas Plating, all of our staff are highly trained metal finishing professionals. Our processes and our team are fully accredited and approved in all key metal finishing areas. These include:

Environment Permit: FP3636YZ
ISO 9001 (Quality)
ISO 14001 (Environmental)
ISO 45001 (Health & Safety)


Additionally, our processes incorporate instant X-ray testing of all plated deposits and solution analysis to ensure the quality of every job meets your exacting standards.

Get the job done quickly

Whatever size of order you put through to us at Karas Plating, we can ensure a fast and efficient turnaround. We operate with a minimum downtime, utilising a quarter of our workforce on maintenance and process control alone. In addition, we operate with a 24-hour shift capacity, our team of dedicated plating operatives working in shifts round the clock, ensuring even the largest orders are completed on time.

Rapid response to enquiries

At Karas Plating, we always have at least three senior members of staff available to discuss your requirements with you, from production times to pricing. With a decision maker always at hand when you call, there is no hanging around waiting for a quote or confirmation.

Deliver complex and difficult jobs

At Karas Plating we continually develop our specialist processes to meet any difficult plating requirements and ensure peak performance for our existing ones. We have a highly experienced team to provide effective solutions to even the most complex plating problems.

Get in touch

For more information on any of our metal finishing, electroplating, and surface coating processes, contact Karas Plating today on our freephone number: 0333 121 0151