A portrait of Ian sitting at a desk on his laptop

Ian Molyneaux

Ian Molyneaux is the Sales & Logistics Manager at Karas Plating, a reliable metal finishing company based in the North-West with more than 70 years of experience in electroplating and surface coating. As a trusted partner, the company has established a proven track record of delivering high-quality finishes to clients in the automotive, aerospace, rail, and advanced manufacturing sectors.


Since 1994, Ian has been an integral part of the Karas Plating team, starting out in Brazing and hot tin dipping before transitioning to purchasing and kitting. He then moved on to the production office, where he handled daily production planning, organized collections, and occasionally did plating. From there, he moved into Sales, where he has been instrumental in supporting customers to gain high-quality, high-volume parts consistently and efficiently.


Ian’s role at Karas Plating involves reading technical drawings and plating specifications, conducting customer visits, and providing quotes for jobs. He is passionate about supporting clients to achieve consistent finishes within agreed timeframes to ensure that their production lines run smoothly. Overall, Ian’s extensive experience and expertise in the metal finishing industry makes him a valuable asset to Karas Plating and a trusted partner to clients seeking high-quality finishes and exceptional customer service.