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Electrolytic nickel plating

Karas has supplied nickel plating to the manufacturing industry for over 40 years and we have now invested in the latest process monitoring and control technology.

We have responded to the market demand for high quality nickel plating based on a much faster turn round time than currently available. Our advanced process control measures allow us to maintain excellent consistency of all our nickel plated finishes. The plant is specifically designed to “get it right first time” with vastly reduced lead times.

Our large capacity allows us to speed up turn round and lower our plating costs. We operate a very accurate pricing model to ensure that our quotes are consistently competitive.

Nickel is often specified as a bright aesthetic finish. It is also extremely hard wearing and offers low porosity and low friction properties. In addition, we regularly plate bright nickel as a substrate for our bright gold finishes and tin finishes.


  • Bright nickel rack line
  • 40″ & 15” Bright nickel barrel plating lines (2)

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