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About Us

The success of Karas Plating is due, in no small measure, to the experience and quality of its staff. The equally critical ingredient has been the ability to listen to the four main demands of the customer, and subsequently, structuring the entire company to deliver these four demands as standard, every time.

These customer demands are now the 'four corner stones' of the Karas Plating ethos:-

First Time
    1 - Get it right first time

  • Approved to ISO 9001 (quality)
  • Approved to ISO 14001 (environmental)
  • Approved to ISO OHSAS 18001 ( health & safety)
  • Instant x-ray testing of plated deposits and solution analysis
First Time
    2 - Get the job done quickly

  • Minimum downtime – 25% of staff employed on process control
    and maintenance alone
  • Operation of permanent night shifts gives us the flexibility to manage
    your urgent demands
  • Extensive plant availability enables us to manage your peak demands
First Time
    3 - Rapid response to enquiries

  • 3 senior staff always available to discuss production times and prices
  • Decision makers always available on a phone call


    4 - Deliver complex and difficult jobs

  • Highly experienced team providing efficient solutions to complex problems
  • Specialist processes are continually developed for difficult plating requirements

The key Karas processes are:- Anodising, Alocrom/Iridite, Electroless Nickel, Electrolytic Nickel, Tin, Silver, Zinc, Zinc-Nickel, Tin-lead, Gold and other finishes.

* The metals most commonly plated onto are Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steel.

Karas Plating
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